EverFeud is a pure PVP Fantasy combat game.

Like a MOBA there is no leveling, or grinding for gear. Like an MMO there is a world that consists of faction courtyards so you won’t be stuck in a lobby while waiting in que.

In the courtyards Player can customize their character’s Gear, Stats, Class Abilities, and the look of the character with transmogs.

Practice dummies will be available, and of course interaction with other players within their battle-groups.


Players will be assigned to Battle-groups to create the feeling of community. Battle-groups will include both factions. Comradery, and rivalry are key elements that will make EverFeud a great competitive game.


All rewards are vanity based so this is NOT “Pay to win”. EverFeud will be Subscription based with a low cost of $5 monthly, and an initial purchase price of $20. Any content such as new Arenas, BGs, Character Races, and Classes added to the game after release will not come as an additional charge or as an expansion pack. It will simply be added to the game as a new patch. Also once EverFeud is fully released there will not be any constant Buffs & Nerfs, and any added classes with be tuned to the game and not the other way around.


It is my vision to make a game that is based on playing, because that is what you want from a game, to play it.



Brian Young


PSB Entertainment